Askett, Buckinghamshire

Site: Askett Nurseries, Askett, Buckinghamshire

Client: Jansons West London and Thames Valley

Askett, Buckinghamshire

In August 2019, following a pre-application and public consultation exercise, ARP were successful in securing full planning permission for the redevelopment of an existing nursery site located in the Green Belt and Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to provide 5 dwellings.

At the pre-application stage, the Council agreed with us that the lawful use of the site was as a garden centre and that the majority of buildings on the site were permanent and the site represented previously developed land. ARP worked closely with Thrive Architects to devise a scheme which would have no greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt by reason of the reduced quantum of replacement built form compared to the buildings to be demolished. It was further demonstrated that the scheme would result in a net gain in openness and a positive effect on visual amenity and the wider landscape character by reason of improved design, positioning of buildings, open space and landscaping.