Chertsey, Surrey

Site: Barrsbrook Cattery, Chertsey

Client: Oakford Homes

Chertsey, Surrey

ARP were successful in securing full planning permission in October 2018 for the redevelopment of a former cattery site in Chertsey within the Green Belt to provide 5 new dwellings.

Our supporting submission demonstrated that the existing cattery business was no longer viable and that although the proposed dwellings would be generally higher than the existing buildings to be demolished with a resultant increase in volume, there would be a reduction in footprint, floor space and hardstanding across the site. Officers agreed with us that the redevelopment provided the opportunity to improve a poor area of Green Belt land whilst respecting and enhancing the character of the area and the amenity of neighbouring properties and would ensure that there would be no greater impact on the openness of the Green Belt than the existing buildings. The planning permission followed the site’s promotion through the emerging Runneymede Local Plan and associated evidence base for residential development.