Moreton Road, Buckingham

Site: Moreton Road, Buckingham

Client: Bellway Homes & Bellcross Co. Ltd

Moreton Road, Buckingham

Full planning permission was secured at appeal for 80 houses on greenfield land in Buckingham.

Contrary to the approach adopted by the Council, which relied upon a disaggregated approach to housing supply, the Inspector agreed with us that in the context of the National Planning Policy Framework and its emphasis on significantly boosting the supply of housing, the Council’s supply of deliverable housing sites should be considered on a District Wide basis. So far as there existed a shortfall in the supply when considered on this basis and the benefits of the development were not outweighed by any adverse impacts, the Inspector allowed the appeal.

The Council subsequently sought to the challenge the decision on the grounds that inadequate weight had been given to the spatial strategy of the South East Plan. However, the South East Plan was shortly thereafter revoked and the Council had little option but to grant a re-submitted application and to withdraw their legal challenge.