Whippendell Marine, Watford

Site: Whippendell Marine, Whippendell Road, Watford

Client: Oakford Homes

Whippendell Marine, Watford

On behalf of Oakford Homes, ARP secured full planning permission for the redevelopment of this under-occupied and run-down industrial site on Whippendell Road in Watford in June 2018.

The approved development comprises 81 apartments in 3 apartment buildings with associated access, parking, amenity space, bin store and bicycle/residential storage areas.

The key to success with this application was:

  • Detailed pre-application consultation with officers to discuss the future of the site and demonstrate that it is no longer suitable for industrial use due to the age of the buildings, surrounding residential uses and access along residential streets;



  • Ensuring a high-quality design that reflects the current built form o the site and respects neighbouring residential amenity; and
  • Early discussions with the Council's Housing Officer to ensure the proposed mix met local requirements. This also enabled a reduction in the number of affordable units as the Council wished to see larger units and accepted a provision of 35% of habitable rooms instead of 35% of dwellings.