Estate Planning - Kelling

Site: Kelling, Holt

Client: Kelling Estate LLP

Estate Planning - Kelling

ARP have been working closely with a Country Estate contained wholly within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to develop an Estate Masterplan to guide the future development needs of the Estate.

ARP have brought together a team of consultants, including specialists in landscape, ecology and heritage to provide a baseline assessment of the Estate. In turn this has provided an important evidence base to inform areas of the Estate where future development can be supported and those where greater restraint should be applied.

ARP have led stakeholder involvement on the Masterplan, including with the local planning authority, to reach a stage where the masterplan is viewed as mutually acceptable and can attract weight in the decision-making process. For the Estate this provides greater certainty that long-term investment decisions on future development projects can be made with confidence. 

This collaborative Masterplan approach is proving beneficial as individual projects are brought forward.