Moreton Road, Buckingham

Site: Moreton Road, Buckingham

Client: Bellway Homes & Bellcross Co. Ltd

Moreton Road, Buckingham

ARP have worked with Bellway across two local plan periods to support the delivery of up to 410 new homes across three separate phases at the edge of the settlement of Buckingham.

Phase 1 was delivered following securing the positive allocation of the site for up to 200 homes in the adopted Local Plan. The Council approved Planning Brief for the site recognised the potential for further growth in this location in the future.

Phase 2 to the north for 80 homes was refused at local level, with the Council maintaining they had a 5year housing land supply based on a disaggregated approach. At appeal the Inspector agreed with our case that the Council’s supply should be calculated on a district wide basis which showed a shortfall in supply. With no objections raised to the proposals by technical consultees it was agreed by the Inspector that the benefits of the scheme were not outweighed by any adverse impacts and the appeal was allowed.


Phase 3 to the west of Phase 1 is an allocated site in the emerging Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP). ARP have acted on behalf of Bellway in securing this allocation. Prior to this ARP progressed an outline application for up to 130 homes on the land. The site was not included in the Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan (BNDP) and the Town Council strongly objected to the application. Despite this the application drew support from AVDC who resolved to grant permission. Prior to the decision being issued the SoS called-in the application. The SoS refused permission for being in breach of the BNDP, contrary to the recommendation of his Inspector.

Nevertheless the detailed rehearsal of matters relating to deliverability of the site, with no objections from consultees on technical matters, has been important in securing the sites inclusion as an allocation in the emerging VALP.  This has provided the confidence to submit a detailed planning application for the residential development of the site.