Moreton Road, Buckingham, Phase 3

Site: Moreton Road, Buckingham

Client: Bellway Homes & Bellcross Co. Ltd

Moreton Road, Buckingham, Phase 3

ARP have secured planning permission for a third phase of residential development on greenfield land at the edge of this market town.

Despite being excluded from an emerging Neighbourhood Plan and actively opposed by the Town Council ARP were able to satisfy the District Council that they needed to act now to address their existing housing shortfall. By proactively managing the application ARP were able to get the application reported to planning committee before the Neighbourhood Plan had advanced to a stage when weight could be afforded it in the decision making process.

The District Council accepted that all outstanding matters on the application had been satisfactorily resolved, that the housing proposals for up to 130 dwellings represented a deliverable scheme of housing which would boost their 5 year supply and duly approved the application at local level.