Site Searches for Residential & Commercial Land

Site: Various Sites

Client: Various Clients

ARP have extensive experience of undertaking bespoke site searches on behalf of a range of clients and to suit a variety of development types. Once a target area is identified site searches provide vital intelligence on the development capacity of local settlements or on land available that is capable of meeting both the commercial needs of the client involved at the earliest opportunity.

As suitable development sites are a scarce commodity in an extremely competitive market place site searches regularly provide our clients with an early opportunity to secure the best land ahead of their market rivals. We specifically identify opportunities, ideally those that are not currently subject of any form of promotion, which have good prospects of delivery bearing in mind the emerging local and national planning environment. Our aim is to then get our client in at the ground floor.

The areas covered by our searches can be as specific as an individual settlement or as wide reaching as an entire local authority area. The central objective of every exercise is to secure our client the land that they need to grow.

Sites: Various employment sites across the South East                    Client: Dunmoore

Dunmoore are an entrepreneurial investment company specialising in the identification of commercial land across the south east of England. Building on several notable successes delivering light industrial developments at market towns in the southern counties Dunmoore instructed ARP to identify similar settlements with an existing employment land need located within an hour of their Thames Valley base. We are now actively working with our client towards securing a range of sites at our final shortlist of settlements.

Sites: Small to medium housing sites in North Norfolk District        Client: Hopkins Homes

Hopkins Homes is a well respected locally based house builder and the largest independent provider of housing across East Anglia at present. In light of North Norfolk District Council’s need to identify a range of deliverable small to medium housing sites across their network of rural villages Hopkins Homes instructed ARP to identify the settlements most likely to assume a specific housing allocation and then confirm the most likely sites to come forward. This work involved a thorough desk top assessment followed by a number of field visits. As a result of this work we are now be working with our client to promote a range of sites towards the emerging North Norfolk Local Plan.

Sites: Housing sites of 20-200 dwellings across both South Norfolk District and East Cambridgeshire District        Client for both: Orbit Homes

Orbit Homes are a rarity – a housebuilder that specialises in the delivery of both market properties but also the delivery and management of social housing. As a result of the Company’s business model ARP’s brief was wide – to identify a number of both affordable housing exception sites and open market sites ranging in size from 20 to 200 dwellings. With one of the Company’s areas of focus being East Anglia ARP were instructed to investigate any such opportunities across both South Norfolk and East Cambridgeshire with a view towards either early delivery or promotion. We are pleased to confirm that we were able to identify a range of suitable sites across both Districts, some of which are now being actively pursued by our client.