Soham, Cambridgeshire

Site: Land at Blackberry Lane, Soham, Cambridgeshire

Client: Orbit Homes

Soham, Cambridgeshire

On behalf of Orbit Homes, ARP secured planning permission at appeal for 157 dwellings on this urban extension site to the southeast of Soham in East Cambridgeshire.

The site is allocated in East Cambridgeshire’s Local Plan 2015, but during the consideration of the application, the Council announced that it would be seeking to reduce the level of development allocated in the now withdrawn emerging Local Plan to just 130 dwellings. In this context, the planning application was refused by members for reasons relating to a perceived overdevelopment of the site.


We were successful in demonstrating at appeal that the reasons for refusal could not be sustained. Key to this success was demonstrating that to achieve any significant level of development on the site (including the Council’s figure of 130 dwellings) would require a 5m high noise barrier along the A142, but that the design proposed for this barrier (comprising a landscaped bund and living willow fence) would not lead to significant landscape impacts.