West Sumners, Harlow

Site: Land at West Sumners, Harlow

Client: Manor Oak Homes

West Sumners, Harlow

ARP has been engaged by Manor Oak Homes since 2016 to promote land at West Sumners through the Epping Forest Local Plan as an extension to Harlow (now Harlow & Gilston Garden Town) capable of accommodating up to 1,000 dwellings, together with suitable alternative green space (SANG) and support facilities.

The land within Manor Oak’s control forms part of the Water Lane Masterplan Area, which itself forms one of three Garden Town Communities proposed by the emerging Local Plan for release from the Epping Forest Green Belt. ARP attended the recent Local Plan Examination in support of the allocation and while we all await the Inspector’s Report we have, alongside the wider design team, been progressing the preparation of a Strategic Masterplan, it is expected that public consultation will take place on the Masterplan later this year with an outline planning application to follow during the course of 2020.